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The Pitfalls of Failing to Use Social Media Marketing

Social media has become completely ingrained in today’s society. So it is only natural that companies have begun using its various outlets as a vehicle for marketing their products and services. It goes without saying that using social media is a great way for a business to maintain an online presence. But, its importance goes way beyond that. Without the help of social media, your company and brand have a good chance of any or all of the following pitfalls. Here we list some of the main pitfalls of NOT using Social Media Marketing.

Lack of trust

Social media platforms help businesses build strong relationships with current and potential customers. Your social media presence allow you to connect with people and show them the personality of your business. This type of relationship encourages people to talk about your business in a positive light. When your business appears more human, people are apt to trust it more and will be more likely to patronize it.

No popularity

Social media reflects reality. Think about when you were in high school and wanted to be “in” with the popular kids. You now want the same for your business, as popularity breeds income. In the world of social media, popularity equates with authority. So, if you are popular, you must know something and be doing something right. That spells more business for your company. Every time someone “shares”, “likes”, or “retweets” something about your business, its popularity grows.

Another way your popularity can grow through social media is that it also provides an easy way for consumers to contact you.

Lack of traffic

Social media tends to get used a lot more than traditional websites on a daily basis. Not utilizing this vehicle to your advantage means you will miss out on lots of prospective business. A social media presence translates to lots of referral traffic. These potential customers might not reach you through any other medium. If you continue to post new and relevant content, potential customers will turn into new customers who will then turn into repeat customers. This cycle will continue to repeat itself as long as you are accessible via social media.

You won’t reach your full potential

Here is yet another high school analogy. Without social media, your business will be just like the student about whom every teacher said: “does not work to full potential”. Those words are as hazardous to your business as they are to the kid who tries to sneak through with “Cs”. Average grades might get you to graduation, but average sales lead to unsuccessful businesses. If you do not use social media, you are missing out on connecting millions of potential customers. That is money that your company will never see. But, posting thoughtful, tactful information can provide growth that previously you had only imagined.

Separation from influencers

Social media provides a great platform where you can interact with your industry’s influential leaders. When you have the opportunity to leverage these people, it helps you to build your brand faster than you otherwise would have been able to. If you engage in social media, it presents the opportunity to build relationships with the influencers which will help your business grow. Neglecting to have a social media presence will have an adverse effect.

Failing to use social media to market your business will cause you to miss out on some fantastic opportunities to help you grow your business. So even if you are a newbie at it, take the plunge. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why not check out our Social Media Management page, and see what Mystic Valley Marketing can do to help you?

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