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Market directly to your demographic and watch the momentum build that drives sales and increases brand recognition

Get Your Brand Out Into The World

In order to succeed in social media marketing, you need an effective strategy and quality content that resonates with your targeted audience. Social Media is a powerful tool to get quality leads, increase brand awareness and build stronger relationships with your customers. The task of creating content and making a design for posting can be overwhelming. Paid advertising requires a well-planned strategy and constant attention. Our social media marketing strategy will assure that your message is heard by the right audience via the right platform and at the right time. Mystic Valley Marketing will help to get your brand in front of your ideal customer, build email list, and achieve highest campaign conversions.

Social Media Means Business

Almost every modern business leverages social media to some extent, but only a select few fully appreciate the value that social platforms bring to the table. Whether you’re a large company or an independent professional, social media is an incredibly efficient and effective way to connect with your target audience, absorb feedback, establish trust and build loyalty. Grasping the power of social media is one thing, but effectively harnessing it is another matter entirely.

A sound Social Media strategy involves supporting your public relations efforts and marketing your brand through the right mix of Social Media channels to obtain links, create conversations with users, and to increase website traffic. Social Media however, is a misunderstood digital marketing tool. It is a proven method that can drive large numbers of qualified visitors to your website quickly and economically.

At Mystic Valley Marketing, we believe that the secret to effective social media marketing lies in innovation. Our team of social media experts utilize the latest platforms, strategies, and tactics to ensure our clients succeed in the vast, ever-expanding world of the digital marketplace. We monitor and take advantage of shifts in the field, providing comprehensive social media marketing strategies to attract followers and create loyal advocates for your brand.

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Social Media Markets by the Numbers

The Many Faces Of Social Media Management

“It's a dialogue, not a monologue, and some people don't understand that. Social media is more like a telephone than a television.”

- Amy Jo Martin

Content Creation

Creating, scheduling, and publishing attention-grabbing content is the backbone of every Social Media Campaign. We also believe that Sharing is Caring.

Targeted Ads

Social Media Platforms have gotten quite complex with their ad placement and you can use that to get your companies name or message in front of just the right audience.


Social Media is just that… Social. You’re company should be responding to and interacting with your audience. Posting content without following up is a bad investment.

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