Optimized paid acquisition to boost your highest value traffic

We Almost Guarantee You Will Generate Customers With PPC

While it is called many things, (SEM, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search, PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising is one thing for sure – a great way to get in front of potential customers who may not have otherwise found you. Our paid search services are more than getting your ads online. We tailor and execute a strategy to support your business goals and provide you with ongoing feedback on how the program is working.

Targeted, flexible campaign management

Did you know that 15% of Google searches that occur on a daily basis are completely unique? This means that 10 different people looking for the same product could all search for it using different keyword variations. With Pay Per Click Advertising, you have the flexibility to target a larger number of keyword variations while sticking to a set budget, so you can be in front of specific searches that your competitors may not be aware of. We can also help you stay ahead of the competition by evolving with the latest search trends like optimizing ads for voice search phrases that can enhance your consumer reach to users who are using mobile voice assistance or smart speakers such as a Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Whether you are an industrial or B2B company, an e-commerce store or a local business, Mystic Valley Marketing can drive those decision-makers to your website and help you convert them into customers through paid search management services like these:

Google Ads

The most popular platform. We have been working with Google Ads for several years and are Google Certified.

Bing, Yahoo, and AOL

 All 3 are important search engines that should not be ignored by your PPC strategy.

Display & Remarketing

Remarketing is an effective way to drive sales and stay top of mind with your prospective & current clients.

Local PPC

Even if your company services nationwide, you can still benefit from a geographically targeted PPC ad campaign. Go after elusive markets or double down in lucrative ones.

Social Media Ads

Social media platforms have complex ad targeting criteria that can be used to hone in on specific demographics and interest groups. with your message.

PPC = Precision, Placement, and Connection

Smart businesses use search engine ads to leverage the power of intent and show up exactly where and when their consumers are looking for them. According to Google, there are more than 3.5B searches done per day and 50% of consumers will visit a store within one day of a local search on their smartphone, making search a high impact, data rich channel for brands. A truly impactful search solution is built with a firm understanding of business goals, customers, and future search intent. It is capable of cutting through the noise and providing a more seamless advertising experience for the searcher while delivering the right outcomes for our clients.

We view social platforms as more than a place to engage with consumers. Their extensive personalization tools allow us to specifically target the audiences that a brand wants. When paired with our understanding of what a brand’s target audience is looking for, we are able to deliver the right messaging on the right platform at the right time of day to increase engagement. However, we go beyond just delivering the ads. We optimize campaigns in real-time through building an extensive testing agenda which evaluates how key messages are resonating across platforms. This tracking doesn’t just include social engagement; we track against key performance indicators that tie directly back to a brand’s business goals to deliver results, such as optimizing towards store finder visits on a brand’s site.

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